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A little bit about Buckboard Gifts….

Products in our "Hand Crafted" collections are creatively designed, uniquely crafted, carefully measured, shaped and made by hand. We are passionate in creating many beautiful works of art from a multitude of materials, many of which have been cast away as old and no longer usable.

However, We become inspired to see what beauty can be created from “old and aged” things. We love to always craft and create new items that are truly unique and visually stunning. We know we have captured the moment when we hear WOW!! from those that get to see our work first hand. Buckboard Gifts takes great pride in presenting awesome handcrafted products that will provide many years of enjoyment and perhaps even be handed down as an heirloom for the future. - These items are handcrafted with love, and in a smoke free environment.

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Mariann James

Hi, and thank you for visiting our store. I am a native Oregonian. I grew up in the country and love nature. I enjoy re-purposing different materials and giving them a second life. I have also always loved creating beautiful artistic pieces.  I hope you enjoy visiting our store and find products you just can't resist for yourself or loved ones. Wishing you always a beautiful day!

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